Health + Safety

Our commitment to continuous improvement to the safety and health of our people is our highest priority and shall not be compromised.

Our customers do not want us to stand still.

Continuous improvement is required to remain competitive.

Improvement means achieving individual best practice in Safety standards, Environmental protection, Quality outcomes & Production while holding performance constant in each of the other areas.

Schwarz Excavations acknowledges the importance of protecting the safety and health of our people (workers, customers and visitors).

Quality Management Systems

Schwarz Excavations continually investigate and develop its Quality Management System in accordance with the requirements of the AS/NZS ISO 9001 series of quality standards.

The Quality Management System is integrated within all parts of Schwarz Excavations formal processes that achieve planned results and support business operations. As an expanding rail infrastructure, civil construction and heavy haulage business, Schwarz Excavations provide oversight and management of all projects undertaken, and ensures that these activities conform to the intent of the internal Safety Management System.

Safety Management System Policies

C-EV-001 Environmental Policy

Schwarz Excavations is conscious of the effect its operations could have on the environment through noise and air pollution, the release of hazardous substances into natural waterways, and the disposal of waste materials. Schwarz Excavations aim to pro actively eliminate environmental pollution and harm.

C-HR-001 Privacy Policy

Schwarz Excavations comply with the Commonwealth Privacy Act and all relevant Industry Codes of Practice regarding the disclosure of personal information acquired on employees and customers.

C-HR-002 Equal Employment Policy

Schwarz Excavations is committed to equal employment opportunity in all areas of its business, and will, by example and through its actions embody a zero tolerance discrimination and harassment culture within the company.

C-QA-001 Quality Policy

Schwarz Excavations is committed to implementing and maintaining a quality management system that will improve efficiency and productivity, and ensure that all services provided meet with the requirements of our customers both internal and external.

C-SA-002 Drug and Alcohol Policy

Schwarz Excavations is committed to ensuring so far as reasonably practicable the safety of every Employee, Contractor, Sub-Contractor and visitor to the Company’s workplace. To ensure safe working conditions, and the safe operation of all equipment in the workplace, the Company has adopted the following Drug and Alcohol Policy which prohibits all Employees, Contractors and Sub- Contractors, at all levels, from working or conducting company business under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

C-WC-001 Rehabilitation Policy

Schwarz Excavations recognises that there are substantial benefits to be gained from rehabilitation principles and practices and is committed to implementing them at this workplace. Schwarz Excavations support our injured workers by having a system of workplace rehabilitation, and providing suitable / modified duties to enable them to recover under safe work conditions.

C-SA-001 Work Health and Safety Policy

Schwarz Excavations acknowledges the importance of protecting the safety and health of staff, customers and visitors. Schwarz Excavations strictly adhere to the Workplace Health and Safety Legislation of Queensland and comply with Australian Standards. This is attained through providing training, support and resources for staff to achieve safe systems of work and safe places of work. Schwarz Excavations commitment to the safety and health of their people is of the highest priority and shall not be compromised.

To obtain a copy of our Polices please contact us.