Rail Maintenance

Schwarz Excavations have been maintaining and repairing thousands of kilometers of essential rail track and beds to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the vital train network across Central Queensland.

Schwarz Excavations in conjunction with HaulMax in Tasmania developed a unique maintenance machine that repairs rail lines under live power and has dramatically decreased rail downtime from days to hours.

Hi-Rail Excavators

When it comes to innovation in the Rail maintenance industry within Australia, Schwarz Excavations are the Industry leaders.

Visionary and Managing Director Noel Schwarz understood the client’s loss of downtime during track maintenance and repair had to be addressed. This saw Noel and Son Jeffrey head to Tasmania to work with Australia’s leading Caterpillar mine equipment manufacture HAULMAX to design and develop the revolutionary Hi-Rail rail maintenance machine that decreases rail downtime from days to hours.

All 5 of the Hi-Rail Excavators (undercutters) are fully accredited to operate under live overhead wires, these sophisticated machines can also operate alongside live adjacent tracks on AURIZON’S Central Queensland Coal Rail Network.

“Elphinstone (Formally HAULMAX) designed and manufactured Railmax RMT14D, based on a Caterpillar 314D CR Excavator is the most technologically advanced Hi-Rail machine available in Australia today. The fully engineered machine features intelligent, active, double redundancy safety systems for motion control that ensures a safe working envelope is not exceeded. Double redundant methodology is also utilised for the Rated Capacity Controller, which provides an active SWL that constantly changes depending on Boom & Slew position, and weight being lifted. Rail related systems such as Traction control and Anti-Lock Braking are typical of the machine systems that ensure machine behavioural characteristics align with safe, controlled movement. The machine is not a conversion, rather a fit for purpose, fully engineered, integrated, compliant MOW Hi-Rail Excavator. The synergies of the machine align perfectly with the safety ethos of Schwarz Excavations, who continue to invest in safety systems for both the machine, operator and how both interact with the work site. Schwarz Excavations have shown foresight by investing in technology that provide their business with engineered safety systems, ensuring Rail Standards are adhered to, without compromise. A mission statement that has Safety First is a very strong message, and reflects the Values in Action that Schwarz Excavations exhibit daily. This is a very professional rail outfit, at the very pinnacle of their field, and Elphinstone is extremely proud to part of the journey.”

Jason Whiteley